The ability to update or modify details of a processing order is limited, but if your order has not started printing you will be able to cancel it.

We are not able to add additional items to an order, nor change fabric type, design or item size of an order already placed, though you may be able to update your shipping address if it has not printed.


Canceling an Order

Modifying an Order

Change a Shipping Address


Canceling an Order

If you placed your order under an active Spoonflower account and it has not started printing, you should be able to cancel it using the Cancel Order option on your Orders page. The ability to cancel your order will not appear if:

  • any of the items in your order have begun printing.
  • your order was paid for with Spoondollars.
  • your order was placed using a guest account (not logged in).

If one of these three conditions apply, please contact us directly. For all other circumstance, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the person icon (1.) in the top right corner of the site and click Orders (and proceed to Step 3) or Account Settings (2.) from this drop-down menu.


  2. On the Account Settings page, click on the Orders tab (1.) and then link into the Order Number for the order you hope to cancel (2.).


  3. If your order has not begun printing and can be canceled, you'll see the Cancel Order option over to the right. (On this page, you may also be able to change the shipping address)


  4. Select whether you'd prefer a refund or a store credit in Spoondollars from the drop-down menu (1.), and let us know why you need to cancel your order in the text box (2.).


  5. Click on the Cancel Order button and confirm your submission when prompted.

  6. A message will pop up letting you know that your request was received.

  7. If your cancellation request went through successfully, the order will have a status of "Hold" in your order history. We will email you confirmation of the cancellation of your order and notify you of your refund or Spoondollar credit as requested. There is no need to send an additional email inquiry.


Modifying an Order

We cannot change any of the following details for an order that already has been placed:

  • fabric or wallpaper type
  • substrate or item size
  • selected design
  • design details, such as scale or repeat
  • adding additional quantity

If you need to change an order, we always recommend canceling the entire order and placing a new one. We cannot combine two separate orders.

However, if you only need to remove items from your order, we may be able to help you if the order has not begun printing. Please contact us immediately from the proper email address and be certain to include your:

    • your order number
    • essential details - Design ID, item type, quantity - you hope to delete
    • preferred method of cancelation - refund or credit


Change a Shipping Address

If you have a Spoonflower account and your order has not started printing, you should be able to update your shipping address from your Order History. Follow Steps 1 and 2 in Changing an Order above. If there is a link to Change Address - as shown in Step 3 - click to complete the address update. 

If you ordered as a guest, or the Change Address link is missing, please contact us immediately to see if we might be able to make the update. Be certain to include:

    • your order number
    • the new shipping address you want to send your goods to

NOTE: Once you change your address, the address will NOT update to reflect this change on your Order Status page. But don't worry. If you have received emailed confirmation from us, the address has been updated.

IMPORTANT: We cannot split shipments or change ship method once an order has been placed.


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