File Types, Size and Color Space Requirements

 How to Upload


File Types, Size and Color Space Requirements

Spoonflower prints all of our products in the sRBG color mode. We do not recommend working with CMYK or Pantone Colors when selecting the best color options for your design. If you may need more information regarding how color works with our printing process, please go here.

For best results, we recommend uploading a JPG or PNG file at 150 dpi. We allow any JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIF files under 40 MB. We do not accept any PDF or Microsoft Word Document files. If you may need to convert one of your files prior to uploading, we highly recommend using an alternate site or your own program for this.

Keep in mind, we are unable to accept files larger than 40 MB at any time. All files must be uploaded directly on our website.

If your file is over 40 MB, you can try compressing the file a bit. In most design programs, there are options to compress a file when saving. For example, if you are using Adobe Photoshop, we have found that saving a file as a .JPG and selecting “High” instead of “Maximum” (when the image quality prompt pops up) is a great way to reduce the size of a file without compromising the quality. 


Pro Tip: If you may be concerned with how your design will be printed, it is best to view your design at 100% in the design program of your choice prior to uploading to our site. Our design preview window will always be displayed at a lower resolution to protect your design on our site. 


How to Upload

Once you have your design prepared, you may then upload it to our site here.

For Step 1, select the file(s) you would like to upload. Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time should you have more than one in our example below.

Confirm the copyright for the file(s) you are uploading for Step 2. A small check will appear once this agreement is fully processed.

For the last Step 3, click the Upload button option to begin this process. A small dotted circle will appear as soon as your files are loading. Please keep in mind, this upload process can take up to 5 minutes depending on the size of your file(s), but generally does not take more than 1 minute.




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