Word Tags

Tags can be a single word or short phrases no more than 23 characters. They can include letters, numbers, spaces, and/or a hyphen. Our search engine allows you to simply tag "play" and know that search inquiries for "plays," "played" or "playing" will still return your design. This eliminates the need to use several tag slots with variations of the word "play." You can add several tags at a time by separating each word or phrase with a comma. A design can have up to seven tags to describe it. Including popular, but irrelevant tags will negatively affect your search results. Also, it is not necessary to add a product name as a tag (i.e., fabric, wallpaper, bedding, etc.); our system adds the product description with your tags for search engine purposes.

Tag Strength

Tags will be rated for strength in helping customers find your design (the stronger the tag, the longer the green bar). The strength of your tag is a factor of how many designs share this tag and how often the tag is searched for. A tag may receive a low strength rating based on either the absence of search volume or because it has been used too often to make it distinctive. In instances where your proposed tag ranks too low because it is not a commonly searched for term, our system may not show a strength bar at all, but will instead suggest related words.


Color Tags

Searching by color can be very helpful for customers who have a particular palette in mind. Some of the color tag options may not be a perfect fit and will be approximate in nature. This is because we are distilling designs with a broad set of color options down to a common 159 colors. If the colors shown as tags look different from the colors in your design, please note that this difference has no impact on the printing of your design. You may choose up to four colors from the available color tags suggested. Please be selective and use four colors only if warranted.

Search Results

There is a system-wide delay of up to fifteen minutes before newly uploaded designs or changes to previously uploaded designs will appear in search results. This delay only relates to search results; you should be able to see your newly uploaded designs or changes on your design. If you feel like you are experiencing search result delays beyond fifteen minutes, please contact us.