How to Design a Recipe Tea Towel Using PicMonkey

Perfect for beginners

All you need to get started is a handwritten recipe and a Spoonflower account.

  1. Scan the recipe or photo you’re using onto your computer. It’s best to do this at the highest resolution your scanner allows, such as ‘best’, ‘high’, or ‘photo’ resolution. If it has an option for dpi (dots per inch), choose a number that is 600+. Start big: You can always make it smaller later if you need to.
  2. Once you’re signed into your Spoonflower account and have scanned your image (or have another digital file you’d like to use), hover over the word Design in the Spoonflower top navigation menu and click Upload


  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Other Design Options section and select Linen Fat Quarter. That button will open our integration with PicMonkey, an image editing and design site, and create a 18” x 27” fat quarter size canvas, perfectly sized for our tea towel. When the program opens it will prompt you to choose your image setting. Select King Kong for the best clarity. If you don’t see that prompt, click on the gear icon at the top of the page, and select King Kong


  4. Now you’re ready to create! If you want to add a background color for your tea towel, click the Canvas Color button on the sidebar to select a color that will act as a border around the edges of your tea towel. 


  5. To add your recipe image, click the Overlays button (that looks like a butterfly), and then select Add Your Own at the top of the page. Navigate to your file, and place it where you want it. You may want to rotate your file to best fill the rectangle of space. You can also adjust your design to fill more of the canvas, however if the design appears pixelated, reduce the size until it’s sharp and crisp.


    TIP: Using the plus icon in the lower middle of the program, zoom to 100% to check your image quality at its final print size. If you can’t enlarge your image to the size you want without fuzzy quality, you’ll want to scan your image onto your computer at a higher quality. 

  6. If you want to add text or other elements, click the Text button, which appears on the sidebar as Tt.

  7. Once your design is final, click the Export button at the top of the page. It may take a momentdon’t worry! The program will return you to your Spoonflower account with your new artwork.


  8. If you want just one tea towel, select Fat Quarter and Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra from the menu options. If you’d like four of the same tea towels (which make great gifts for family!), order a yard of Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra. 


Once you receive your tea towel, all you need to do is finish the edges with a hem, and you’re all done creating a special keepsake of your favorite family recipe!