Changing Studio Settings and Widgets

Design Library - To change or hide the design library on your My Studio page, navigate to the Manage Studio Preferences link under your shop image.  Here, under Studio Library you will have the option to select whether to display the designs you have most recently edited (Show recently updated) or the designs you have most recently uploaded to your account (Show recently uploaded).  If you would rather remove the design library all together simply choose the Hide option.

Widgets - If you would like to make changes to the widgets included on your My Studio page, click the Manage Studio Preferences link, under your shop image.  The following page will offer the option to show or hide the following widgets: favorites, analytics, orders, messages and events.

Using Design Analytics - Our new design analytics tool includes four different charts:

  • Top tags by number of designs tagged
  • Top designs by favorites
  • Top designs by sales (over 30 days)
  • Top designs by comments

You may select the chart that will automatically display every time you visit your Studio page through the Manage Studio Preferences link under your shop image.  Please note, all 4 options are available directly from your Studio page, this is just an opportunity to select the one you would like to see first.

Newsfeed Settings

The news feed is located along the left hand side of your My Studio screen.  This area includes recent comments, favorites, purchases, contest entries, project photos, blog updates, and Spoonflower buzz.

Grouping vs Not Grouping Comments
To make changes to your news feed navigate to the Manage Studio Preferences link under your shop image.  If you would like to see each new comment as its own update in your news feed please select Ungroup Newsfeed.  If you would like them grouped update your settings to Group Newsfeed; this will create a more consolidated view of the newsfeed. The grouped newsfeed will automatically show the most recent comment.  After grouping, to see all comments on a particular design click the design image to navigate to that design page.

Muting Connections
If you would like to stay connected with someone but do not want to see each of their updates in your news feed, you may choose to hide a connection.  This option is available in the upper right hand corner of each individual news feed update on your Studio page.  Hover over the upper right corner of the individual update box and a small grey arrow will appear, click this arrow to see the option to Hide in Newsfeed.

To edit visibility settings for each of your connections or to show someone you have previously hidden, navigate to the Connections link just below your profile image.  Find the designer you would like to unhide and click Show in Newsfeed.