Your My Dashboard can be easily accessed by clicking the link at the top of the the drop-down menu from the user icon in the upper right corner of any Spoonflower page. My Dashboard offers access to information, statistics and analytics about your designs, your messaging center, Design Challenge voting, and more. You are able to customize your dashboard by viewing or hiding specific widgets, and controlling what, and how, content may be displayed within these widgets.


Customize My Dashboard

Updating Displayed Widgets

Updating Displayed Content


Customize My Dashboard

To begin editing the information and formatting of My Dashboard, click Customize My Dashboard just under your profile picture and then review the two sections below.



Updating Displayed Widgets

Widgets offer small glimpses and access into a variety of important account and design details. Each of the six widgets are expanded upon beneath the image.


Dashboard Library
If you'd like to remove your Design Library from view, use the 'Hide' option. If you’d like your Design Library to display, you can set the display to include recently updated designs or recently uploaded designs. 

Dashboard Favorites

Displays designs you've favorited on the Spoonflower site. You can make this visible or not.

Dashboard Analytics
Dashboard Analytics refers to the dashboard that displays tags, favorites, sales, and comments related to your designs. You can decide which specific analytics display through the "Content" display explored in the next section. 

Dashboard Orders
This lists orders you have placed, beginning with the most recent.

Dashboard Messages
Any internal messages that have been seen to you by other Spoonflower users. Learn more about Messaging here: Messaging, Emails, and Automated Replies

Dashboard Events
For those more tech savvy, you can link your Google Calendar into this widget.


Whenever you change any of these six display settings, the word ‘Saved!’ will show for a moment to confirm the update has been made.


Updating Displayed Content

Displayed content allows you to control what is seen within these widgets. Additional explanation is offered beneath the image.



Analytics Display

Our design analytics tool includes four different charts:

  • Top tags by number of designs tagged
  • Top designs by favorites
  • Top designs by sales (over 30 days)
  • Top designs by comments

You may select the chart that will automatically display every time you visit the 'My Dashboard' page. Please note, all 4 options are available directly from the 'My Dashboard' page, this is just an opportunity to select the one you would like to see first.


Design Library View

You can choose to display 4 or 12 of your most recent design designs. Clicking on the design thumbnail will take you directly to the design's preview page.

Group Newsfeed
To see each new comment as its own update in your news feed, select Ungroup Newsfeed.  If you would like a more consolidated view of your newsfeed, select Group Newsfeed. The grouped newsfeed will automatically show the most recent comment.  After grouping, to see all comments on a particular design, click the design image and you will navigate to that design page to see the comments in context.

Recommendations 1
To see newly-available designs
from designers you have interacted with, select Recently for sale by connections. To see a curated selection of designs based on your past purchases and design favorites, select Recommended for you.

Recommendations 2

To see a selection of designs that are new to the marketplace,
 select Recently for sale. To see a general selection of available designs, select Designs you might like.


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