We hope you find the Color Change tool useful in making quick edits to your designs! However, this tool is not meant to replace specialized design programs for editing and coloring your designs. Should you run into issues using the Color Change tool, we recommend changing your design's colors in the design program of your choice, and uploading that edited version as a new design. 

The Color Change tool is unavailable for designs sized larger than a Fat Quarter (21" x 18") at 150 dpi. If this is the case for your design, you can upload a smaller version or edit your file in a graphic design program before uploading it to Spoonflower. If you don't already have a graphic design program you feel comfortable using, you might check out some of these suggestions for design tools.

Follow the directions below to learn about using the Color Change tool.

Accessing the Color Change tool
Changing Colors using the Color Chart
Changing Colors using Hex Codes
Saving Your Design


Accessing the Color Change tool

From the design preview page of the design you want to adjust, click ‘Change Colors’.


You can now change any of the colors in your design. Click the color block of the color you would like to change.

click.colors_copy.pngDepending on your design, you may see several hues that look to be represented by one color in your original design. In order to completely change the color, you may need to go through and click each hued square, and change the color for each square. Look for a demonstration of this farther down!

There are two ways to choose a new color. You can select a color from the displayed color chart, or enter a 6-character hex code to make a more specific color choice.


Changing Colors using the Color Chart

Select the color in your design that you would like to change. Once the color chart appears, select a color box from the chart. The color chart displays 171 hues to choose from. You can hover over each color to see the hex code for that color.



Click on your chosen color. Then, click 'Change'. The design will update with your selection!


Changing Colors using Hex Codes

If you wish to replace a color of your design with a specific color not displayed in the color chart in the tool, you can enter a six-character hex code from a printed Spoonflower Color Map. You can also view/download a digital version of our Color Map.

If you enter a hex code, be sure to place a # (hashtag/pound sign) right in front of the code you use. If you do not include the # symbol, the color you've selected will default to black. For information about hex codes and color selection, you can take a look at How can I make sure my design is the color I want? in our Help Center.




Click 'Change' to update your design and the preview. You may change as many of the colors in your design as you would like by repeating this process.

As mentioned above, a color that you may have included in your design as one shade or hex-code, may be translated into more than one hue by the Color Change tool. For example, our original design included orange triangles of the same hex code. When we opened this image in the Color Change tool, the orange was split into six hues. Through clicking each orange-hued box and changing the color to the same hex code, we were able to reunite all the formerly-orange triangles into one green hue.



Saving Your Design

When you are happy with the new colors in the preview, click ‘Save’. If you are unhappy with the color changes made, click ‘Revert’ to remove ALL changed colors and start over with your original design. Click ‘Cancel’ if you decide you do not want to change your design at all. Clicking 'Cancel' will send you back to your Design Library.



Once you have saved your changed design, the design system automatically creates a new design with “-ch” at the end of the name to distinguish it from the original.


If you're having difficulty with the Color Change tool, please remember that it is meant to make quick color edits, and not for overhauling the colors of your design. Your design program of choice will always be your best bet for making significant design edits!


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