The Color Changer feature is unavailable for images larger than a fat quarter (21" x 18" at 150 dpi). If this is the case for your design, you can upload a smaller version or edit your file in a graphic design program before uploading it to Spoonflower. If you don't already have a graphic design program you feel comfortable using, you might check out some of the options listed here: What design tools do you recommend?.

Changing Colors

  1. Click ‘Change Colors’ for the design you want to adjust.

    The color changer tool will convert your image to one with 24 colors.
  2. You can now change any of the the colors in your design:
    • Click the color block of the color you would like to change.
    • Select the radio button beside the number of colors you would like. Then click ‘Change Number of Colors’ to update and preview the changes.

      When you select a number, the color changer will look for the colors that would do the best job of representing your design. Please keep in mind, in the case of a large block of similar colors, the tool will average them. Example: If you choose 6, the color changer will find the best 6 colors for your design and use those.
  3. There are two ways to choose a new color:
    • Select a color box in the color chart
    • Enter a six-digit hex code from a printed fabric color map or color guide. If you enter a hex code, be sure to place a # (hashtag/pound sign) right in front of the number you use. If you do not include the # symbol, the color you've selected will default to black.
  4. Click Change to update your design and the preview. You may change as many of the colors in your design as you would like by repeating this process.
  5. When your design appears as you would like in the preview click ‘Save’. If you are unhappy with the changes made you can always click ‘Revert’ to start over with your original design or ‘Cancel’ if you decide you do not want to change your design at all.
  6. The system automatically creates a new design with “-ch” at the end of the name to tell it apart from the original.