The first thing you need to do is upload your photo to a blog or photo-hosting website like Flickr, Pinterest, or TinyPic. The image can be on any website, we just need a URL for an image that is available to the public.

Below are instructions on using an image on TinyPic (recommended), Flickr, and Pinterest. If after following these instructions you still have trouble it could be that these sites have had an upgrade. If so, please contact us.


Getting The Link

  1. Go to Click on ‘Choose File’ to select the file you would like to upload. Then, click on ‘Upload Now!’


  2. Once your file is uploaded, copy the provided link for ‘Direct Link For Layouts.’


  3. Go to the design page. Choose either Fabric Image or Project Image.


  4. Add in the copied URL code in the provided box and click on ‘Get Image.’ **Be sure to add a comment for your post to appear!** Click on ‘Post’ once everything is complete.




Getting the Link

  1. Go to your Flickr Photostream and click on the image that you want to use. If your image is not 'Public' select the option to make it so.


  2. Click the share icon.


  3. In the pop-up, select BBCode and the image size you want to use. Now the link info should be updated and you can copy out the link to your image.

    Copy the highlighted code and and paste it into a separate document. Then copy out just the URL, that looks similar to this one:


Using the Link on Spoonflower

  1. On the design page under 'Comments', click the option to attach a Fabric Image or a Project Image:


  2. Now paste the link for the image from Flickr into the URL box and remove the "s" from "https." It should then look like this:


  3. Click the 'Get Image' button. Our site will then contact Flickr and make sure there is an image there for us to use. If our site can’t get the image, then you will need to check that you followed all of the steps above correctly and possibly reload your page.


  4. When the image does load, add a comment to the comment box and click the 'POST' button.


  5. The page should reload and display your comment and image.



Getting the Link

  1. Log in to your Pinterest account.


  2. Click the little plus button, and select the Upload a Pin option.


  3. Click ‘Choose image’.


  4. Select your image from your computer and click ‘Open’.


  5. Click on the board you want to pin the image to.


  6. Go to the pinned image, right click on it and select 'Open Image in a New Tab.'


  7. Copy the entire link (URL) in the address bar.


Using the link on Spoonflower

  1. Log in to Spoonflower and find the design page of the project photo you want to share. Select the “attach finished project image” option and paste your copied link. Remember to remove the “s” in https! Example:
    Copied Link: https://imagelink.jpg
    Pasted Link: http://imagelink.jpg


  2. Click the “get it” button then the ‘Post’ button and view your added project photo!